How do I care for my glasses?

Clean your lenses with the specific products provided for this purpose. For acetate frames, wipe them with a soft cloth. You can clean them with cold or warm water and mild soap from time to time.

Natural horn frames should not be washed in water. You can wipe and oil them regularly with a suitable product, such as our balm.

How do I maintain my jewelry?

You can wash them with cold water and soap. Horn jewellery should avoid prolonged contact with water, and under no circumstances with hot water or steam.

Can I have jewelry that matches my glasses?

Sure! Just contact us for this.

How do I adjust my glasses?

You can visit our shop, we'll be glad to adjust it for free, or kindly ask your regular optician (and of course offer to pay for the service!).

How do I adjust my jewelry?

Acetate bracelets can be adjusted slightly by heating with a hair dryer for a long time. Remember to cool immediately in cold water to set the new fit.

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